Sunday, April 11, 2010

Indian SEO Services: Offers Huge Discount On Services

SEO Services

“Indian SEO Services” has again set the benchmark high in the search engine industry. The company is already being seen as a new trend setter in the Search Engine Optimization arena with a huge discount in services.

The company has already set the tune with its quality services. The company seems to have plans chalked out for each and every service. The amazing thing is that company is providing all the services at very nominal rates.

The company is offering bookmark services starting from as low as $7 and Manual Directory Submission Service at $10. The company has already got the expert status with its experienced writers at famous directories such as Ezine, article snatch and article base.

The company claims to have done $1000 business through its online presence at various SEO forums in just 10 days of its first press release. The company deploys only 10 people at the moment but it has some mega expansion plans in hands within few months.

Indian SEO Services is offering these major services at huge discount:

* Keyword Research
* Keyword Competitive Analysis
* Title Tag for different pages
* Meta description and Meta keyword tags.
* Manual Directory Submission Service
* Articles’ Submissions
* Video Creation Service
* Bookmark Services
* RSS Feed Submission
* Press Release Submission

Indian SEO Services is a Mumbai based company. The company is being run by four elite engineers from reputed colleges.Indian SEO Service getting ready to peak in Search Engine Industry. The company is all set for an imperious display.

Get ready for a sterner stuff in Search Engine Optimization

Company's Official Blog:
Indian SEO Services
Vaishali Patil
Tel: +919769893297


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