Friday, April 9, 2010

PageRank Update April 2010, SEO Consult Reports Page Rank Update 3rd April

Google’s PageRank system is a useful indicator for SEO agencies and webmasters in adjudicating the relevance of a website and just how much authority Google has applied to any given webpage on a scale of 0 to 10. PageRank can be especially useful in a website optimisation campaign, and SEO Consult have seen many positive results for the vast majority of their client base.

“The latest PageRank update has shown some incredible results for most of our clients, with most of them seeing a substantial increase in their PageRank and authority,” commented Matt Bullas, Managing Director of SEO Consult. “When offering SEO advice, we always maintain that PageRank should never be forced and that it should come naturally over time. These latest results for our clients’ campaigns shows that we are heading along the right lines with our mission statement and their jump up the SERPs should see increased business and revenue for them in the coming months. We also maintain though that a campaign shouldn’t be built solely around PageRank and that it should only ever be used as a sign to how effective your link building and SEO strategies are.”

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